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AI Shark Services

Technology Licensing

Join the growing list of technology licensing partnerships so that we can help add Ai gaming features to your gaming peripherals development, manufacturing, and distribution

Partnership Program

Join other gaming influencers and pro level gamers to generate content for our Ai Shark Marketplace so we can help market your name, your gaming style, your game exploits, and help you generate additional revenue outside of YouTube and Twitch

Product Sales

Level up your gameplay, explore new parts of your games, beat bosses, never die, etc! Enjoy Ai Shark Gaming Peripherals and purchase from our e-commerce store right here

Gaming Content Marketplace

Once you’ve purchased an Ai Shark or Ai Shark enabled peripheral from any of our partners, then browse through our content store to find thousands of new ways to play and new things to experience!

About Us

Ai Shark is the “decade in the making” relaunch of the hit products from the 90s and early 2000s that were called GameShark. We have updated the product and brought it into the age of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and super computers.


Ai Shark, along with it’s recreated Dangerous Waters Content Creation Team, will supply thousands of game hints, tips, strategies, walk throughs, Easter eggs, and more for all triple A titles and thousands of other games from years past!

Todd Hays

Chief Executive Officer

Formerly founder and CEO InterAct Accessories and introduced the original GameShark in 1994

Charles Stauffer

Chief Technology Officer

Seasoned developer in the field of AI and Connected Devices with such companies as CityRow, Peloton, Cisco and Google

John Chain

Chief Infrastructure and Security Officer

Retired Green Beret with decades of experience in offensive and defensive cyber along with complex cloud infrastructure

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